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Design to Disguise Outdoors

The art of hiding exterior technology

At HTE we work with renowned architects and designers to seamlessly integrate technology, while disguising the electronics. Many of our clients keep their interior décor blemish free with mirror televisions, media lifts, and invisible speakers, but what can be done to camouflage exterior technology


The backbone of outdoor tech is your network.  Just like wireless access points, phone, and cell boosters are distributed throughout your home to provide a strong, continuous signal, the same must be done in your yard.  We use a combination of weatherproof access points and strategic placement of traditional boosters to ensure full coverage.

These small devices are hidden in cabinets, in nooks and crannies, and other out of sight locations. 



Distributed audio has become a staple in all high end homes. Having a tune play both inside and out has never been easier, but not everybody wants to see their speakers. For music lovers, Sonos outdoor audiophile speakers, camouflage into your design disguised as landscape lighting. 

For those who appreciate background music but aren't quite as particular about the sound, speakers hidden in planters, or made to look like rocks may be the solution.  Requests for underwater speakers for athletes who like to swim to their workout playlist are also on the rise.



Demand for outdoor video has increased dramatically over the last few years.  These exterior televisions and projectors used to stay in full view, but now home owners want their outdoor video equipment to be hidden when not in use, similar to their interior electronics.

Outdoor TVs and projectors are most commonly disguised with media lifts.  These lifts can go in the ground, be hidden in outdoor cabinetry and bars, or ascend up into pavilion roof tops. 



To be clear the cameras with the highest resolution, best functionality (pan, tilt, zoom, motion, etc.) and integration capabilities look like cameras. With that said, if the home owner is willing to sacrifice quality and capability for an incognito option, there are a few designs that can hide in plain site. These cameras can look like rocks, lamps, and mailboxes.



While motorized shades have been gaining popularity, few people know about outdoor shades, which are perfect for blocking out harsh sun without sacrificing your view.

When it comes to concealing the shades, the rollers are hidden in custom made pockets, the same way they're concealed indoors. Motorized exterior shades are great additions to patios and front porches alike.