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Digital Signage Considerations

With the popularity of digital signage increasing exponentially on a yearly basis, there is a good chance that you will be working with it in the near future, if you aren't doing so already.

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HTE is proud to be trained by and an active member of the Digital Signage Federation.  For this reason, we are sharing our suggested tips with regards to building and designing locations that will feature some sort of signage.

For additional information, we also teach a Digital Signage CEU course accredited by AIA, AIBD, IDCEC, NAHB, and NARI.

Suggested Digital Signage Considerations

Note: Digital Signage can be displays, video walls, projectors, or a combination of mediums.


  • Hardware

    • Display (Note: Most don’t have TV tuners built in)
    • Projector and “screen” surface (Multiple options for each)
    • Does it need to be interactive?
    • Is the media player/computer built into the unit or do you need to store additional equipment at that location?
  • Size and Weight

    • Ensure intended structure can support display(s) and mount(s).
      • The Samsung 110- Inch ($150 K) LED is over 250 pounds WITHOUT mount
      • Individuals and Stores/Museums were buying Panasonic’s 152 Plasma ($500 K) that weighed over 1,200 pounds WITHOUT mount and used a 200-240V AC power supply.  This is cheaper and lighter option, making it much more popular than you’d think.
  • Cabinetry/Decoration

    • LEDs are thin and easy to place in decorative boxes and other design structures.
    • Ensure there is proper ventilation.
    • Ventilation is even more important when working with projectors.
  • Mounts and Lifts

    • Ensure specialty mounts/lifts meet regulation (or exemption is on record).
    • Ensure motorized mounts and lifts have the proper power.
  • Projectors

    • Large venue DLP projectors have different power requirements.
    • Clients need  easy access to change the filter and bulbs in ALL (even laser) projectors
    • Projectors won’t last in extremely dusty or smoky areas without modifications.
      • Warehouses, “party” locations (smoke machine), directly above fire features
    • Only Laser projectors (expensive) are warrantied for vertical digital signage

Remember, digital signage doesn't have to be a display. Images of opaque and clear interactive films for projectors.


  • Does the location make sense? Does it go with the flow of the room?
  • Is the obstructed by anything?
  • Don’t put displays straight on in direct sunlight
    • If you no other choice, design a hood of some sort
    • Tilt it downward with a mount
  • Do you need to coordinate the display location with speakers, cameras, or other equipment?
  • If possible use the psychology of shopping to your advantage
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  • ALWAYS wire when possible!
  • If the client is unsure about using digital signage or adding additional displays, wire but don’t terminate the connection.
  • Solid, secure Wi-Fi is needed for wireless distribution to avoid choppiness
  • 4G distribution is available if needed (rare)

Content Creation and Distribution

  • Clients can purchase both as a service either bundled or individually.  Here are some the Digital Signage Federation: Content Creation, Distribution, and Analytics
  • Vertically mounted displays and projections need vertical content (think of when you rotate your phone).
  • The software plays the largest part in in signage options (tickers, RSS feeds, YouTube, trending, break out boxed, logic).