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Distributed Audio

Your Clients Love SONOS, Now You Can Make It Look Great

HTE (home technology experts) has been in the integration business for over a decade, so we can tell you from experience, clients love SONOS.  While this system is applauded for its functionality, it is not the most attractive solution.  Luckily there are new options that allow for a SONOS with a bit more style.


What is SONOS and How is it Used?

SONOS is a brand of audio distribution equipment that allows for music to be distributed both wirelessly and through speaker wire. On the most basic level, SONOS products are used in conjunction with each other to allow audio from a single source to play in multiple locations, controlled by the SONOS app.


SONOS & High End Residential Solutions

Think of SONOS products as a 4K television, they’re marketed to the masses and you can easily run down to Best Buy, pick up a speaker, and use it the way it’s recommended.  It’s not the products itself, but how it is integrated and used as part of a complete solution that makes SONOS a staple in high end integration.   

While SONOS is a system that can work independently, parts of it can be used with other Hi-Fi equipment to create state of the art audiophile listening rooms.  SONOS products can be used to do everything from making bespoke speakers the focal point of the room to supplying music to invisible speakers, keeping the surfaces unblemished. SONOS also integrates into home automation systems such as Savant and Control 4.

sonos in rack.jpg

How We Usually Use SONOS

At HTE, we typically use the SONOS BRIDGE and the CONNECT/CONNECT:AMP to distribute music through wired speakers throughout the home and property.

High end home owners typically fall into two categories:

merididan white.jpg


There is no question that a properly installed wired solution always blends into a design better than using a SONOS ZONEPLAYER. However, situations arise where the ideal solution either cannot be implemented or is impractical to implement. In those cases, we used ZONEPLAYERS as our “Plan B”.


Adding Style to ZONEPLAYERS

For situations where using a ZONEPLAYER makes the most sense, don’t give up on trying to make it stylish.

Leon's Edge Media

Inspired by the integrated media furnishings of the 60s, the Edge Media Frame is designed and crafted to encase any TV as well as the SONOS PLAYBAR.  Concealing both these media room essentials gives the electronics a unified and stylish appearance. The Edge conceals the mounting and wiring in one simple design to complement any environment.

The Edge Media Frame can be crafted out of solid hardwoods, including Cherry, Oak, Maple and Walnut. The frame magnetically attaches to the mounting panel for easy access to the back.

Leon’s Tone Case

Leon’s all new ToneCase line brings their renowned sense of customization and style to any Sonos speaker, including PLAY:1 PLAY:3, PLAY:5 and PLAYBAR. Each product is designed to complement and conceal the speakers within the design of any space, whether adding a custom-width grill covering to match the PLAYBAR to a TV, or enhancing the PLAY:5 with solid hardwood cabinets. Now you can personalize your design as easily as you can customize your playlists.

Built specifically for the SONOS PLAY:1, PLAY:3, and PLAY:5, the Tonecase hardwood cabinets are handcrafted from solid White Oak, Black Walnut or custom painted to match any color.

Without Screen

With Screen

Use Color

For clients who prefer a modern look with bright colors, make it pop!  Use colored speakers and stands to give the ZonePlayers character and make them a focal piece.