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Course Selection


Entertainment Soulutions

Home audio and video systems can enable quality time with the family and can take parties and movie nights to the next level.Understanding the considerations involved in delivering intuitive and agile home entertainment systems will help you determine how to bring enjoyment to every space in the client's home.


Energy & Efficiency

Part of what makes a "smart home" smart is its ability to help occupants make wiser choices about energy and resources. These courses will give you an overview of how smartly designed technology systems can simplify control over other systems in the home and in many cases help manage consumption of resources.


Best Practices

Why reinvent the wheel? These courses take the best practices identified in successful home technology projects and put them to use for you. Get an understanding of the tips and tools you can use to ensure more efficient processes and more successful outcomes.



The smartest way to ensure successful execution of home technology projects is to start planning early. Bringing your home technology professional into the fold at the beginning of the process will help prevent later headaches for both you and your clients. These courses will help you understand the basics of proper planning for home technology systems and will give you an overview of the role the home technology professional will play.


Specialized Applications

If you ask your electronic systems integrator if something is possible, the answer is usually "yes." Innovative technologies are enabling things we would never have thought possible just a few short years ago.


Lutron Courses

These courses focus on lighting control, daylight management, sensors, and energy management. 

Home Automation Courses

  • Savant Course
  • Control 4 Course
  • Sonance Course