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Suggested Considerations for Digital Signage



  • Display (Note: Most don’t have TV tuners built in)
  • Projector and “screen” surface (Multiple options for each)
  • Does it need to be interactive?
  • Is the media player/computer built into the unit or do you need to store additional equipment at that location
    • Size and Weight
    • Ensure intended structure can support display(s) and mount(s).
      • The Samsung 110- Inch ($150 K) LED is over 250 pounds WITHOUT  mount
      • Individuals and Stores/Museums were buying Panasonic’s 152 Plasma ($500 K) that weighed over 1,200 pounds WITHOUT mount and used a 200-240V AC power supply.  This is cheaper and lighter option, making it much more popular than you’d think.


  • LEDs are thin and easy to place in decorative boxes and other design structures.
  • Ensure there is proper ventilation.
    • Ventilation is even more important when working with projectors.
  • Mounts and Lifts
    • Ensure specialty mounts/lifts meet regulation (or exemption is on record).
    • Ensure motorized mounts and lifts have the proper power.
  • Projector Considerations
    • Projectors Large venue DLP projectors have different power requirements.
    • Clients need  easy access to change the filter and bulbs in ALL (even laser) projectors
    • Projectors won’t last in extremely dusty or smoky areas without modifications.
      •  Warehouses, “party” locations (smoke machine), directly above fire features
    • Only Laser projectors (expensive) are warrantied for vertical digital signage


  •  Does the location make sense?
  • Does it go with the flow of the room?
  • Is the obstructed by anything?
  • Don’t put displays straight on in direct sunlight
    • If it MUST go in direct sun, design a hood of some sort
    • Tilt it downward with a mount
  • Do you need to coordinate the display location with speakers, cameras, or other equipment?
  • If possible use the psychology of shopping to your advantage


  • ALWAYS wire when possible!
  • If the client is unsure about using digital signage or adding additional displays, wire but don’t terminate the connection.
  • Solid, secure Wi-Fi is needed for wireless distribution to avoid choppiness
  • 4G distribution is available if needed (rare)


Content Creation and Distribution

  • Clients can purchase both as a service either bundled or individually.  Here are some the Digital Signage Federation: Content Creation, Distribution, and Analytics
  • Vertically mounted displays and projections need vertical content (think of when you rotate your phone).
  • The software plays the largest part in in signage options (tickers, RSS feeds, YouTube, trending, break out boxed, logic).