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Understanding the Value of Existing Home Technology

When it comes to a fully automated house or apartment, 7-12% of the construction budget was dedicated to installing the home technology.

The better you understand home technology and the value it adds, the better you can communicate that benefit when showing a home.  


Gem or Junk?

As homes age, so does the technology.  Unfortunately, electronics decrease in value faster than features of a home. When properly maintained automation and electronic decor add significant value, when neglected it decreases.  Even if a system is outdated it may contain infrastructure (such as wiring) that holds value. 

At HTE, we do free technology Revelations for real estate agents so they have an accurate understanding of what the system they are selling with the house is worth, what it is capable of doing, and any limitations it may have.


Capability of Home Automation 

A fully automated home can provide a wide variety of features.  It is important to know which "subsystems" are controlled, and what the automation system is wired for.  Home technology can include any of the these:

The use of sensors can easily enhance a home's functionality with minimal expense. Once an automation system is in place, outdoor technology can be integrated as well.