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Using Technology Systems to Help Homeowners Live a Greener Life

A “green home” extends beyond recycling and energy efficiency, clients today want to live a greener lifestyle. Participants in this course will discuss components of “living green”, and how using technology can actually help their clients live a greener life. Additionally, attendees will discuss the ways control systems can improve durability, and enhance health and comfort of a home and its occupants through HVAC, lighting and lighting control, automated shading, smart appliances, water usage. Participants will also discuss how a cooperative mentality among trades in the design and building process can help clients achieve their “green goals”.

Learning objectives:
• Recognize key areas of green living and how integrated home systems can create synergies
• Recognize importance of making “being green” easy and empowering homeowners and allowing them to
measure results
• Define green benefits of control systems for: HVAC, lighting and lighting control, automated shading, smart
appliances, and water detection
• Recognize impact on LEED for Homes

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Understanding Today's Home Technology and Infrastructure Options

There are many available options related to technology for today’s savvy clients, and this course will help guide participants through the myriad of choices. Participants will walk away from this course with a comprehensive overview of current home technologies available in today’s connected homes. The in-depth discussion will include wired vs. wireless, integrated systems—what they are and how they work—and engaging a trained electronic systems professional. This overview will also help attendees plan for proper wiring infrastructure and other profitable electronic systems.

Learning objectives:
• Identify various residential systems and their unique qualities
• Define benefits of technology related to energy efficiency and savings, comfort, convenience, and safety
• Analyze the considerations related to wired systems vs. wireless systems
• Recognize essential timeline for engaging an electronic systems professional in the design and build process

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Dedicated Theater Design

What is a home theater? This may sound like a simple question, but is it? Participants in this course will come away with a very distinct definition of what a home theater is—and what it isn’t! Discussions will also include basic acoustical physics, common mistakes in designing theaters, as well as specific design considerations related to video, lighting, electrical, and safety and comfort. This course will provide guidance related to what goes in the room—from equipment, to wall treatments, to seating—and provide practical solutions to problems associated with home theater design and construction. Additionally, attendees will discuss the importance of engaging a trained, qualified professional early in the design and build process.

Learning objectives:
• Define a “dedicated home theater” and its attributes
• Discuss the science of “good sound”
• Analyze common and costly mistakes with home theater design
• Identify specific theater design considerations, such as video optimization, lighting, electrical, safety and
• Recognize the essential criteria for engaging an electronic systems professional in the design and build

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From Vision to Reality; Where Technology Meets Design

This course outlines the challenges that designers and architects face daily with an increasing amount of technology compromising their design vision. This course provides an insight into the many ways it can be "photoshopped" out in real life to retain the integrity of the space.

Learning Objectives
1 – To identify the challenges of multiple technologies and the aesthetic inconsistencies across different devices and brands
2 – To create awareness of low visual impact technologies that can overcome these issues
3 – To teach basic principles of audio and HVAC placement for best functionality with minimal intrusion
4 – To discuss project lifecycles in relation to technology and identify opportunity to minimize long term effects

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