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Supporting the multitude of technologies found in today's connected homes requires planning, specialized installation, and a solid infrastructure in place. Attendees will discuss the trends and future technologies and their impact on today's homes, as well as be made aware of the basic infrastructure requirements needed to support these technologies so that they perform at maximum capacity.

Participants will be able to define the components of a structured wiring system and list the benefits that correctly installed systems offer to their clients' technology needs. Attendees will also engage in discussion related to partnering with a trained electronics professional in the planning and installation of these complex systems.

Learning objectives:

  • Outline today's consumer technology needs and expectations
  • Define the technology offerings that can be incorporated in the home
  • Identify the main components of a structured wiring system and the unique characteristics of head-end equipment, cables (including types of wire, digital conversion and its impact on home networks and cable and bandwidth requirements, and wired vs. wireless technology), and convenience outlets
  • Recognize the importance of proper design and documentation
  • Recognize the essential timeline for engaging an electronic systems professional in the design and build process

Association Information:

  • AIA: 1.0 LU, (CIO035)- General Knowledge
  • AIBD: 1.0 CEU (CIO035) 
  • IDCEC: 0.1 CEU, (102884)- General Knowledge l Sub Code: 5.2
  • NAHB: 1.0 Cr Hr, (CIO035)- Multiple
  • NARI: 1.0 CEU, (CIO035)- All